Re-Seeding is the process of applying new grass seed to a completely bare area in order to grow a new lawn.  This is a highly recommended service, particularly after other work, such as power raking a heavily moss infested lawn has been completed.  When re-seeding is required to fill in a bare area or entire lawn, top dressing with a good organic soil is also recommended to cover the seed in a 1/4″ layer of dirt for maximum results.  This also ensures a high rate of seed germination, as it protects the seed from drying out or becoming a quick snack for birds.

grass seed


Over-Seeding a lawn is a often overlooked part of a complete lawn care program.  The process of over-seeding involves coving the entire existing lawn new lawn seed.  This helps promote a thick and healthy lawn, that can easily keep opportunistic weeds under control. Over-seeding is highly recommended by lawn care professionals as a regular part of a maintenance program.  Ideally it should be done on a regular basis throughout the growing season.


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