Power Raking vs. De-Thatching
Power Raking and De-Thatching are often confused and mistaken for one another. the two services are similar in that they use the same piece of equipment to achieve the intended results. Where the two services are different is in how the equipment is setup and in the process that is used to achieve the intended results.


Power Raking

With Power Raking the machines raking tines are generally set lower so that they dig into the soil to ensure they pull up all the stubborn moss which can resemble a carpet and be up to 3 inches thick. In most cases a moss control product will be applied to the lawn at least a day before to ensure that the moss turns black and is dead before raking. This will help prevent the spread of the moss through air born spores during power raking. Then generally depending on the severity of the moss, power raking is done in 2 to 3 passes with manual collection of the loosened moss between passes. After completion the lawn in most cases is pretty bare and down to the soil in spots that were heavily infiltrated by moss. After power raking it is recommended that the lawn be aerated, limed & fertilized. Then the lawn needs to be completely re-seeded and top-dressed with a layer of a sand & organic soil mix often called turf blend.



With De-Thatching the machines raking tines are set higher so as not to dig into the soil so that they just loosen the thatch layer with minimal damage to the lawn and the lawns root zone. De-Thatching is generally done in just 1 or 2 light passes with the machine


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