Our 100% chemical and synthetic free, natural approach encourages a beautiful, green & balanced lawn that is safe for pets and humans.


Unlike chemical fertilizers that just feed the grass plant directly, stimulating unnatural growth and then often requiring additional herbicides and pesticides to control unwanted side effects, with no thought given to actual soil conditions or healthy root development, leaving the soil barren of the live oganisms.


Organic lawn care works by feeding the biology that is alive in the soil and ensuring the conditions are optimal for these beneficial microscopic organisms to live. In turn they go to work breaking down and digesting organic matter which than feeds the lawn naturally. An example of this would be in the forest where trees grow to be over 100 feet tall with no chemical or synthetic fertilizers.


full organic lawn care program used on the lawn on the left

Our organic lawn care program consists of such things as aeration, liming, fertilizing with corn glutton and alfalfa, regular spraying of compost tea, over-seeding, and top dressing with organic top soil when needed.


Click Here to watch a video explaining the process and benefits of organic lawn care by Paul Tukey, author of the Organic Lawn Care Manual and founder of safelawns.org

Click Here to watch Harvard Universities video on compost tea.


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