Moss growth in lawns here in the lower mainland is a re-occurring problem each year due to the amount of yearly precipitation we get in this region. This area was formally all rain forest, and this makes keeping a lawn moss free a challenge that requires yearly attention. Each lawn is different but for most situations we use a granular moss control & fertilizer mixed product. This blend contains a high ferrous sulfate content to discourage the moss growth along with a mild fertilizer that starts strengthen the existing lawn. After applied this will start to turn the moss in the lawn brown or black during the following week, killing the moss spores.


At that time depending on the severity of the moss there are two options.

1. If moss was a light infestation then leave the dead moss in the lawn to slowly decompose then aerate, overseed, lime, and fertilize the existing lawn.


2. If moss is a heavy or thick infestation then physically remove the dead moss out of the lawn first and then aerate, overseed, lime, fertilize and finally top-dress the lawn.


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