We offer a weekly mowing service, where your lawns growing pattern during different seasons dictates the frequency of the mowing schedule.


Once we schedule your lawn on a certain day each week, you can expect us to mow your lawn once each week during spring and fall, and once every two weeks during the summer. This ensures your lawn is cut weekly during heavy growing periods, and less often during summer drought.


Generally speaking you may expect your lawn to be mowed once a week from the beginning of March through till the end of June, then bi-weekly (once every two weeks) during the summer drought for July and August. The mowing will then return to a once per week schedule, with the return of cooler weather, and rain in September, October and November.

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Please note: We do not take away lawn clippings. We will either mulch clippings or collect them and leave them in your green organics bin for city pick-up.

Please ensure all animal waste picked up prior to our arrival each week to avoid any animal waste surcharges.

Please ensure the lawn is clear of any toys, furniture, or moveable obstacles to avoid any surcharges. Unfortunately we are unable to move large items like trampolines for mowing.

Our Weekly Lawn service does not include leaf cleanups. All lawns requiring a leaf cleanup prior to mowing will be billed extra for the time incurred dealing with the leaves during mowing or cleaning the leaves prior to mowing.

Lawn service will be provided at the quoted price to clients based on a weekly service in the spring and fall and bi-weekly in the summer. Any changes made to the frequency of the service schedule will void the terms of the service agreement and the original quoted service price. Any subsequent mowing may be billed at a variable rate at our discretion.

All services will be billed for regular service clients monthly, directly to a Visa or MasterCard. 

We require a signed carbon copy imprint of a clients credit card prior to starting any work.



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